Looking for a Movers and Packers in Dubai? We are Fully licensed Movers in Dubai who can help you Move all over Dubai or any other Emirates with ease. Moving of Apartment, Villas and Offices anywhere in Dubai. Call us today and get 30% discount of all Movers and Packers services in Dubai. Our professional and friendly staff with 2+ Years of Moving Experience will take care of your Local and international Moving needs in Dubai.

Professional Movers and Packers

With the overwhelming track record and experience involved in Movers and Packers services since its establishment, the Al Hamza Movers and Packers LLC has helped many Home and Companies relocate all around the United Arab Emirates. Our dedicated team provides full support for all Moving related questions our customers have. from the selection of relocation destination to scheduling, relocation work, and after-sales follow-up.

Moving for the First time in Dubai?

If you are moving for the first time, there may be many questions, but we have a wide variety of experiences, as we helped more than 1500 relocations per year. After learning from our experience with almost all types of Moving, we will provide one-stop support for all services related to relocation such as schedule management, property introduction, furniture purchase, interior construction, restoration work. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the person in charge.

Same Day Movers in Dubai

Depending on the scale and timing of the Moving, you can book a same day Movers services in Dubai with us for an estimated time of about 3 hours before Move, and it will depend on what your items are, if we can finish the Move before late evening we will take up work. But we highly advise you to call us a day before the Move so we can properly prepare for the Move and can provide you with the boxes so you can do your personal valuable packing yourself.

When to Reserve for Your Moving in Dubai?

As there is lots of demand for Moving services in Major cities like Dubai, we suggest you to Book your Moving with us as soon as possible,  an early estimate may be about a month before the moving date, and a late estimate may be about 3 Days before. We will help you finish your relocation, even if you request 1 Day before the move, you will not be able to work on the desired schedule in some cases. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible, taking into account various preparations that you will make yourself.

Need Movers for Moving within the same building?

Al Hamza Movers and Packers will help you Move within the same building or any other address. There are things you might be able to Move yourself but then comes the Heavy lifting, curtains installation and  Furniture, our professional Movers and Packers team will help you dismantle Furniture and reassemble at your new home with ease. So please don't hesitate to contact us.

Furniture Assembly and Moving

Bought furniture from a store or online, but when you unpack the box, all the parts look the same, and you don't know what to look for in the manual? A furniture transport and assembly specialist will use a special tool that you do not have at home to finish it beautifully! The work is done by two people so it is speedy. It will be done by our Movers and packers team quicker and much cheaper to help you avoid any mistake assembling.

Quality Packing for Moving in Dubai

A Moving can only securely be done if a Movers company does your Packing professionally. Some companies won’t even provide customers with full packing services, they will just take furniture and stuff as it is. But Al Hamza Movers and Packers LLC will provide each and every customer with full Packing services even if it's a small Move. We use Quality Packing Materials in a Moving job in Dubai, we make sure that none of your furniture gets scratched or any of your kitchen wares are damaged during transportation. We are providing commercial grade high quality packing for storage and International Moving as well.

Best Packers and Movers in Dubai

When it comes to the ideal, stress-free moving, Al Hamza Movers and Packers is the company you can rely on. As a team of dedicated Experts, we offer quick, hassle-free moving options and fair prices to all our clients. Whether your moving is big or small, anywhere in Dubai, We have got you covered with Guarantee.

Cheap Movers in Dubai

Al Hamza Movers and Packers is well known for competitive Prices. We keep a very small amount of earnings from a Moving services in Dubai. We are one of the best and Affordable Moving companies in Dubai that will provide you with a quality service and never let you down even for a cheap Moving price. So if you are looking for a Movers and packers company in Dubai that will help you move within your budget then you came to the right place. The cheapest way to do this is to carry it yourself, but if you're new to it, you'll break furniture or get injured if you do it. Considering that, it is an opinion that I felt that it was good to ask for assistance in moving furniture even for a fee. It is a helpful review for those who are wondering whether to ask or do it themselves. Call us as soon as possible or request a call back from us right away.

How Movers and Packers service work in Dubai

Hiring our Movers and Packers Services for any move in Dubai can be a lot easier compared to others. Al Hamza Moving Company has been in business for over 10 years, so let our experience help make your moving stress free. Our Professional staff, proper Packing Materials, and experience in the moving field will guarantee to make your move finishes in time and with ease. Everyone knows that moving out can be a painful process.

Lets Professionals do your Moving in Dubai

Who likes to move out? No one enjoys moving, especially in a major city like Dubai. From your first contact on the phone to the finish, you are certain to find our staff friendly, professional, and having only one thing on their minds, and that is giving you the high quality service you deserve. While moving can be stressful, and to help you feel confident with individual service and care given to you at this important time. Each highly trained Al Hamza Staff is genuinely thoughtful of every customer, and is concerned about the possessions entrusted to him.

Moving of Villas and Apartment in Dubai

Looking for Affordable and Professional Villa and Apartment Movers in Dubai? Well you have come to the right place. Al-hamza Movers and Packers is one of the best options for residential Movers and packers services in UAE. We have helped Move thousands of customers each and every year locally in the United Arab emirates, our well equipped experienced and friendly Moving team of Movers and packers ensure every aspect of your Villa and Apartment Movers in Dubai. Moving around in Dubai is painful and our expert team will make sure to make it overall easier and help you move in a single day with everything completely and professionally done. Call us now and get a free survey from our salesman.

Office Moving in Dubai

Want to Move office in Dubai? Moving of office is time consuming and stressful process, our Movers and packers Dubai team are highly trained for such commercial Moving and heavy lifting. Al hamza movers and packers qualified for Office Moving in Dubai, our survey staff will make a full blueprint of your Office moving and will make plannings before moving day, so on moving day our staff will follow instruction given by our professional survey teams. We will move your office department wise, one department at a time, and everything like tables computers cables chairs will be marked with special stickers so there won't be any confusion once it's transferred to a new location. We are using specially designed closed trucks with expert drivers who know roads in and out of emirates of Dubai. We will just need one of your company staff who understands every department or one person from each department so they can confirm things going right way. we will provide you with one of the best and smooth office Moving experiences.

6 Reason why you should Hire our Movers service in Dubai

1 - Special Moving Trucks - We Provide Different Variety of Specially Designed Trucks for Different Moving Purposes, From 1.5tons to 3tons and 7tons. We use our own Specially Designed Company trucks to make sure all your belongings are safe during Journey.

2 - Unmatched Value - Thanks to our Business model in UAE and Amazing team of Dubai Movers and Packers, we can Deliver outstanding Moving services at a significantly Lower cost Compare to all of our Competitors in Moving category.

3 - Professional Vehicles & Drivers - Al Hamza Movers uses Specially Designed Vehicles for Moving Purpose only so your belongings are safe during the journey.

4 - Affordable, Honest, Experienced - We Provide you with low cost Moving solutions, with best Moving experience, there are no hidden charges.

5 - Licensed & Insured - Al hamza Movers and Packers Company is Fully Licensed for the last 14 Years.

6 - Packaging & Unpacking - Either you are Moving locally, out of the country or just need Packing for Storage. We provide all types of Packing Services. Our Dedicated Professional Staffs with Top-notch Packing Materials are Highly trained for Packaging in either of Above Services.

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